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Constitutional Litigation Attorney in Los Angeles, California

Through the course of conducting business, legal matters related to litigation, constitutional issues, or appellate practice will often arise. While often complex, having the right attorney walk you through your dispute is your business’ key to success. With over three decades of experience, the Law Offices of David Young have the skills necessary to handle disputes resulting in courtroom litigation, as well as constitutional or appellate litigation.

Effective Litigation Strategies

Mr. Young has helped clients succeed in dealing with a wide variety of business, administrative, and constitutional matters in the course of business transactions and litigation, including:

  • Managing complex litigation

  • Counseling on potential constitutional challenges

  • The impact of regulations on proposed transactions

  • Advancing and furthering policy and constitutional arguments regarding proposed legislation

  • Advancing and briefing new arguments in court to ensure that legal issues are developed and preserved for appeal

  • Offering legal advice regarding proposed legislation and regulations

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