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Antitrust Law & Unfair Competition Attorney in Los Angeles, California

The Law Offices of David Young have substantial knowledge of federal antitrust laws, as well as California’s unique antitrust act. Antitrust laws such as the Sherman Antitrust Act or the California Cartwright Act strictly prohibit unreasonable restraint of trade and actions that are detrimental to competition. We have successfully represented both plaintiffs and defendants in the courtroom when violation of such laws unfolds, and we understand the complexity of antitrust matters. Our law office can help you win your case in state, federal, and appellate courts.

Los Angeles Antitrust Attorney

The Law Offices of David Young have assisted individuals and business entities in various areas of antitrust laws and unfair competition, including, but not limited to:

  • Price fixing

  • Bid rigging

  • Price discrimination

  • Unfair pricing

  • Boycotts

  • Monopolization and attempted monopolization

  • Monopoly leveraging

  • Bundling or tying

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