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Cryptocurrency Attorney in Los Angeles, California

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Bitcoin and the Law

Today’s technology provides us with new and previously undreamed of opportunities to engage in transactions that could hardly have been thought of a decade or two previously. Fantasy has become technological reality, which leads to ever increasing possibilities that what today may seem like fantasy, are tomorrow’s realities. Human nature, however, remains very much a constant. This gives rise to new and challenging demands for solving mankind’s problems in the context of the amazing technology that is continuously evolving.

Need a Cryptocurrency Attorney?

Nothing illustrates this more than the Blockchain technology, which has given rise to cryptocurrency and cryptoassets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and virtual tokens, as well as, smart codes and smart contracts, to mention only a few. These new challenges, which presently play such a vital part in today’s commercial marketplace, still must be legally addressed and solved mostly within subsets of the law developed well before Blockchain technology ever existed.

There are major legal issues relating to:

  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

  • Negligence

  • Mistake

  • Fraud

  • Individual and commercial data security

  • Privacy

  • State, Federal, and international antitrust regulation

  • State, Federal, and international securities regulation

  • State, Federal, and international regulation of transmission of money

  • Multi-country and international regulation of Blockchain technology

  • Cryptocurrency, and cryptoasset transactions, in the United States and internationally

Many Other Legal Issues All Remain Alive and Well, and As Troublesome as Ever.

Our Law Offices can help you with your legal matters resulting from the new and vibrant Blockchain technology, as well as the cryptocurrency, cryptoassets, and smart contract transactions that dominate an ever increasing portion of today’s commercial world.