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Asset Seizure and Forfeiture Attorney in Los Angeles, California 

Federal and State Asset Forfeiture Cases

If Federal or State Law Enforcement Officers have seized your assets or property, or placed it under a protective or restraining order, you have rights and remedies that may return your assets and property to you free and clear. However, you have to act promptly to assert your rights. Time is running against you. In most Asset Forfeiture cases a lawyer is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Forfeiture of your assets or property to the government is an extreme remedy. You have Constitutional and legal rights that may protect you from such a harsh outcome. Our Law Offices are prepared to assist and represent you in asserting all your legal rights in this complex and demanding area of law. Please give us a call to discuss your case.

Assets Seizure and Forfeiture is associated with alleged criminal activity. This allows the government, federal and state, to seize for forfeiture an individual’s property that may have been involved in the alleged crime. Far too often, the individual involved committed no crime, or the property was used without the individual’s consent. In addition, the property may have been seized in violation of proper legal procedure, without notice to the individuals that a Seizure Warrant was being sought by the government to take their property, including other property that may have had no relationship to the alleged criminal activity.

For the government, seized property is pure profit. For the individuals involved, the seized property is often their livelihood, and their ability to support their families. Much is at stake, both financially and emotionally. Our Law Offices are prepared to help you in these turbulent times. Please give us a call.